A quarter century of staying ahead

Guardian began as a site manager for distressed properties. Over the years, our ability and reputation preceded us as we grew into development and investment activities.


Under the direction of founder Chaim Simkowitz, Guardian is born as a humble manager and rehabber of NY multifamily assets.



Growing beyond managerial services, Guardian gains an ownership and development foothold in the residential space.



Following the great 2008 financial crisis, Guardian emerges thriving, going on to build an impressive portfolio of holdings and developments.



Shifting to industrial and commercial assets, Guardian contracts a large roster of blue chip tenants across various sectors and markets.


Today, Guardian represents vision

We have an authoritative reputation and are trusted by large institutions and family offices to guide their funds and assets into the future.

Our founder

Chaim Simkowitz grew up in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. After attending yeshiva & post-graduate yeshiva, he entered the workforce in the real estate sector. He started out as a residential broker at Eretz Realty, and shortly thereafter moved on to commercial brokerage at Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates. He simultaneously started to acquire and manage properties in NYC, and building on his success and extensive list of contacts in the industry, soon founded his own firm: Guardian Realty & Management.

For well over 20 years, Guardian has proven itself as a formidable player in the real estate industry, with wide-ranging knowledge & expertise, successfully handling acquisitions, sales, leasing negotiations, management, development, and construction management.

Under Chaim’s expert guidance, Guardian continues to grow and currently owns & manages over 1,800 residential apartments in a wide range of properties ranging from Class A doorman buildings to HUD/low-income housing, as well as over two million square feet of commercial properties across various states.

Chaim’s team also handles ground-up development projects from premier commercial offices to high-profile residential complexes. With years of development experience, he consistently brings new value to both his investors and the neighborhoods in which he operates.

With remarkable skill & creativity, Chaim has successfully handled many complex transactions, including leases and construction management for large medical tenants, government leases, and 1031 exchanges. He has built a highly respected name for himself and is well-known in the industry as someone with superior talent, knowledge, and skill.

In addition to his business, Chaim is very active in communal affairs and is on the board of several charitable non-profit organizations.

What we, and our partners, value



Everything we do solidifies the faith our clients put in us. Properly weighted debt to equity ratio, premium institutional leverage, entry into long-term-value markets, end-to-end deal stewardship and white glove tenant servicing are all a part of our superior service at all costs philosophy.



We only enter a deal after formulating an actionable path to asset stability based on our proven abilities. From localized micro-teams per asset to fiscal redundancies in the event of a harsh cycle, we never forget the duty inherent in our name: building legacies begins with guarding against any eventuality.



Nothing inspires us more than leaving the world a better place than we found it. We see financial performance as the long-term reward for doing things right—by every stakeholder. Across state lines, our goal is the same: lay the foundation for future generations of investors, operators and tenants.

Partnerships, our foundation